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Sink Base Drip Tray
Great Northern Cabinetry is pleased to announce the addition of your first line of defense against under sink cabinet damage from minor leaks or spills. This under sink drip tray is available for 30″, 36″ and 42″ kitchen sink base cabinets, and 24″, 30″ and 36″ vanity sink base cabinets. The unique design protects the bottom of your cabinet by holding up to 2 quarts of water in the tray.
Drip Tray


Soft Close Tilt Out Tray
Now you have the convenience of extra sink front storage with the luxury of silence with this soft-close hinge. The unique soft-close piston eliminates slamming and the 50 degree opening allows for complete accessibility to items stored within. These hinges have precise movement for smooth, tight operation and the spring allows the hinge to close firmly and stay closed while the stiffening rips provide extra stability and eliminate side play.

Drip Tray


Wine Sliding Shelf Kits
Great Northern Cabinetry is pleased to announce the addition of our new innovative Wine Sliding Shelf Kits. These space-saving kits fit into any standard 18” base cabinet eliminating clutter on your counters. They feature high-quality full extension under mount glides allowing for easy access to every bottle. Each kit is designed to securely hold up to 5 standard size wine bottles in the ideal horizontal position keeping the corks moist and swelled. This is important to prevent your wine from unwanted air contact which can cause spoilage. Another benefit of having your wine contained inside your cabinet allows the wine to be kept in a dark environment out of direct light preventing loss of flavor.
For more information on this exciting new accessory or any of the many other great products that Great Northern Cabinetry has to offer, visit a dealer near you. To locate a dealer in your area, click here.

Wine Tray Floor Mount
Two Wine Trays