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Company History


Company History:

Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. is a manufacturer of fine, semi-custom kitchen and bath cabinets. Its main office and manufacturing plant are located in Rib Lake in the heartland of Wisconsin. Its roots date back to 1972, when Roger H. Johnson and his wife started their own cabinet business.

As many other successful business stories that began in a garage, Mr. Johnson, an airline captain stationed in Chicago, also had a hobby of building cabinets in his garage. His hobby began growing to a point where he could no longer fulfill the demand for his cabinets. It was then that Mr. Johnson decided to move his family back to the Rib Lake area, where he had spent his childhood years. Together, they started a small cabinet shop known as Northern Kitchens. That business incurred a small amount of growth each year and when Mr. Johnson’s health failed, he sold his business to a group of gentlemen from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. It was at that time they felt the name should be changed to better represent the company, since cabinets for the entire home were being produced, not just kitchen cabinets. From that point on, the company became Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc.

Today, Great Northern Cabinetry offers three product lines giving customers the opportunity of quality built cabinets that fit their budget. Its strength lies within the responsiveness to its customers’ needs. The demand for quality, affordability, consistency, service and shorter lead times is high and Great Northern Cabinetry places its focus in these areas to better serve you. Variety and flexibility are just two of our many features. Seven wood specie offerings, 54 door styles, a multitude of cabinet modifications and an extensive array of attractive stain and glaze colors give Great Northern Cabinetry the ability to provide you with cabinetry to suit your specific needs.

Although its main focus is kitchen and bath cabinetry, Great Northern Cabinetry also offers cabinetry for other areas of your home and office as well as custom pieces made to your exact specifications. Your creative designs are only limited by your imagination. With Great Northern Cabinetry, you can let the innovative touch of your design professional enhance your lifestyle and express your unique personality with a look that is just right for you.