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We are asked questions all the time that pertain to most of our clients and we would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

If you have a question you would like to ask please go to the contact us page and complete the form and submit. We do our best to answer as many as time allows, and who knows yours might just show up on this page.

What type of distressing do you have?
Great Northern Cabinetry offers the ability to give your cabinets an attractive aged look that resembles antique furniture. There are three options to choose from, Distressing, Wear Sand and Rub Thru, which you can specify any combination to achieve your desired look.
• The Distressing technique consists of random hand applied subtle dents, impressions, simulated worm holes and cracks.
Wear Sand is the process of random sanding on edges and corners of doors and drawer fronts prior to staining to create soft worn edges.
• The Rub Thru process consists of random sanding of the finish on edges and corners to allow wood exposure prior to the final top coat being applied.
Can I buy cabinets direct?
Great Northern Cabinetry only sells its products through our network of authorized dealers. To locate a dealer in your area, you can use the Dealer Locator feature found on our website or click here.
Why do you charge the same for unfinished vs. finished cabinets?
We make our unfinished cabinets to the same high quality standard that those cabinets with finish have. They are still prepped for finishing and require extra handling and packaging care as they do not have the protection of the finish applied prior to shipping. It goes a long way to show the tremendous value you are receiving when you purchase a standard stain color finished product from Great Northern Cabinetry.
What is inset?
Inset is sometimes referred to as an overlay but does not actually have the doors lay over the cabinet frame. The doors lay flush with the cabinet frame fitting into the openings making the entire cabinet frame visible. This creates a very clean look. There are two types of inset cabinetry, flush inset (also known as plain or non-beaded) and beaded inset. The only difference is that the beaded inset has a decorative small bead detail (groove) surrounding each frame opening which creates a sort of shadow effect around each door for a very distinct look. With all inset doors, you have the option of having a concealed cup hinge or an exposed finial hinge that comes in a variety of finishes.
What is the difference between standard overlay and full overlay?
There are different types of overlays which will change the overall appearance of your cabinetry by how much of the cabinet face frame is visible. Overlay doors lay over the top of the cabinet frame covering a portion of the frame. Standard overlay creates a traditional look by having ¾” of frame exposed from the side edge of the door to the edge of the cabinet frame and 1-1/2” of exposed frame when two cabinets are placed side by side. Full Overlay creates a more modern contemporary look with a minimal amount of frame exposed. Here there is only ¼” of frame exposed from the side edge of the door to the edge of the cabinet frame and ½” exposure when two cabinets are placed together.
Why do you charge extra for custom stain matching when my local paint/stain store does not?
We currently do not have the ability to custom match our stains in-house and therefore have a stain supplier handle that function for us. We unfortunately get charged for that service to have quality custom matched finishes formulated for us that will work with our finish equipment and are compatible with our other finishes. The finishes we use are slightly different than those available through your local store. There are also additional costs and labor involved with handling a custom match job, and the additional fee defers the costs involved.
Once ordered, how long will it take for my Great Northern cabinets to arrive?
Once you order your Great Northern Cabinets and the order is approved at your dealer, delivery time is 4-5 weeks. Customarily your Great Northern Cabinets would be delivered to your dealer. Job site curb side delivery may be available depending on your location. Please check with you dealer for the details and possible costs.
How do I clean and care for my cabinets?
Detailed cleaning and care instructions are available here on our website Click here to view or print the Cabinet Care Information Sheet.