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Warranty Registration Form

Product Registration

Thank you for your recent purchase.  Registering your product is highly recommended and a relatively short process. Though not required to get the protection of the standard warranty, it can expedite the process of handling any unlikely issues that might arise down the road.

To advance the registration process, we ask that you have the following information readily available: (This information can be obtained from your local dealer if you do not already have it in your project paperwork.)

  • The GNC sales order number. (This number would be on any GNC paperwork and on the cabinet box labels in which your cabinets arrived.)
  • Your general information, including name, address and phone number.
  • Date of installation.
  • The name of the dealer from which you purchased your cabinetry.
  • An email address, to receive possible updates on your registration.
  • Any comment that you would like to share with us about the product or service.