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Warranty Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. warrants its cabinetry, to the original purchaser only, against defects in material or workmanship appearing to the original purchaser within ten years of delivery, communicated to us in writing no later than one hundred twenty one months from the date of delivery and verified by the dealer. Within a reasonable amount of time after such notification, we will provide a replacement part for the defective part. Purchaser shall pay all labor and installation cost associated with the replacement of the defective part. Due to possible updates and changes made to products and specifications, Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. will replace part under warranty with a new part of similar style currently offered and cannot be held responsible for replacement product that may not exactly match installed product. The warranty set forth herein is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether oral or written, expressed or implied. No warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose shall apply. Great Northern Cabinetry Inc.’s liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of parts or goods and in no case shall be liable for incidental or consequential damages. This limited warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, improper storage, improper installation, or neglect. The agents, dealers and employees of Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. are not authorized to make modifications to this warranty, or additional warranties binding on Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. In addition, statements whether oral or written, do not constitute warranties and should not be relied upon. Defective Product Guidelines Doors: Doors that are warped must be allowed to hang through one heating season before a no charge replacement will be considered. Some doors may warp due to humidity changes and this is normal. The door will usually return to its normal flat position after going through one heating season. Please check to be certain the door is actually warped and that the cabinet has not been improperly installed causing the cabinet to be “racked” out of square. Damages caused by improper humidity levels will not be warranted. (Recommended temperature is 68 to 70 degrees with a humidity level of 40%.) Finish: Complaints concerning finish must be inspected by a Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. representative. Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. reserves the option of approving a field repair, or having the defective item returned to the manufacturing facility for repair or replacement. No repairs may be undertaken without authorization from Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. Slight variations in grain and color are not considered defects, as this is the natural characteristics and beauty of the wood. No merchandise may be returned to Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. without prior written authorization. Contact your dealer, the customer service department, or our sales representative for assistance. Great Northern Cabinetry, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications and material without notice and is not obligated to incorporate such changes in products previously manufactured. Warranty Timeline: Cabinetry purchased between 3/1/2012 – present carries a 10 year warranty. Cabinetry purchased prior to 3/1/2012 carries a 5 year warranty.   Warranty Registration: To register your product warranty, please complete Warranty Registration Form  and submit it.  If you prefer, you can complete and mail the warranty card found in your Installation/Warranty Booklet that came with your product.