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Environmental Stewardship

Great Northern Cabinetry actively participates in reducing our impact on the environment when making our products.

Positive results come from building products that hold up to normal use, reducing the need for replacement. At Great Northern Cabinetry we believe that starts with selecting and constructing cabinets and accessories with the right materials, and producing products in processes that are designed to generate as little waste as possible. We select materials manufactured to meet or surpass current regulatory requirements, including low formaldehyde emissions. All Great Northern cabinets are environmentally kind, built with enduring, natural materials that stand the test of time.

Great Northern Cabinetry’s dedication to the environment is further advanced by our ESP certification from KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association). The ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) was created to help cabinet manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and help consumers easily identify environmentally-friendly products. To qualify for this program and become certified, rigorous requirements must be met in areas such as air quality, resource management and environmental stewardship. Look for the green ESP seal on your Great Northern Cabinetry products. This is your assurance that we are doing our part to help preserve our environment. Feel good about your home being a part of the solution, and not contributing to the problem.